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Build Your Own Bose Speaker

Posted on July 5, 2016 by , with 5646 views

Build Your Own Bose Speaker

Bose have revealed an extremely cool twist on buying a speaker. This one you have to build yourself before you can enjoy the sounds it has to offer. It is a clever way to teach the interior workings of a speaker and the various components therein. Not to mention, that once it is built it looks mightily impressive.

The BoseBuild will sell for $150 (£113) and will be bundled with its own app (iOS only, unfortunately for you android owners). As you build you will learn about frequency, magnets, electromagnets, waveforms and the laws of physics which apply.

The speaker comes with customisable lights and faceplates, allowing you to mix things up a little, and so long as everything is put together in the correct manner the speaker will be fully bluetooth compatible allowing you to enjoy music from any connected device.

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