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Armstar Bodyguard 9xi Hd01

Posted on December 26, 2011 by , with 28745 views
Armstar Bodyguard 9xi Hd01

This looks like someone has amputated Batman's arm and stuffed an i-Phone inside, but it is actually the Armstar BodyGuard 9XI-HD01, a harmless version of Batman's weapon arm. The arm is made of cotton, Kevlar, as well as Nomax, a flame resistant fiber. It comes with an indentation to allow an iPhone to slot in neatly, and also charges the phone whilst it's sitting in there. Pretty neat.

The Bodyguard also comes with a 720p video camera, flashlight and a 300,000-volt stun gun for firing at any unwelcome intruders, making you feel a little more like a superhero. It can also charge other electronic devices through its Li-Ion battery pack.

The invention is not meant to be used in superhero situations, but was an idea thought up by Dave Brown after a string of mountain lion attacks around his Californian home. The arm can be bought in bulks of ten or more by contacting Armstar directly, but the price is yet to be disclosed publically. Batman beware, you have a worthy opponent!

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Comments | 25 posts
Trevor Spe said on 8th April 2016
This is cool for security companies

matthew said on 22nd February 2016
I need to buy two arm garments

jeffrey said on 12th October 2015
I think it has some amazing potential use's

clare said on 25th September 2015
The armstar bodyguard is amazing. Im a cop and had to use it and it performed amazingly!!!!!

Chaitanya said on 3rd December 2014
Awesome I need it

James said on 23rd September 2014
Dang it, you make me fail my class because this already exists. I hate you!!!!!!

Lincoln Ma said on 17th January 2014
Can't wait for the price to be disclosed,its seem to be smart gadget

Christophe said on 16th January 2014
How much will this armstar bodyguard 9xi hd01 cost? It seems like a cool and useful invention and I am curious about how much it would be to purchase one of these.

ARYAN said on 29th August 2013
Like this invention and useful also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra said on 8th January 2013
Wonderful story, reckoned we could cbniome a few unrelated data, nevertheless really worth taking a look, whoa did one learn about mid east has got more problerms as well

collin7 d said on 17th July 2012
Wow.!.this is great nd wonderful.

sriram jos said on 10th June 2012
Wow!!!!!!! Dude its fantastic

none of yo said on 15th May 2012
Watch naruto on naruto.get

Kushman Jo said on 14th May 2012
As long as I can stash my kush from dem jakes when dey creepin fo a bipp off

railwaymen said on 19th April 2012
This is a worthy oponent indeed. But what's the point of buying them in number of ten? Two is not enough?

Valiant4Tr said on 13th April 2012
You can protect yourself without having to use lethal means, and even record your attacker so they will be easily identified by the authorities. Hats off to the brilliant man who invented this!! ;)

Valiant4Tr said on 13th April 2012
For civilians, a 'show of force' that will deter many crimes, and if you find yourself in a bad situation.

Valiant4Tr said on 13th April 2012
I think this is such an amazing invention! The guy that thought this up was obviously super smart! For law enforcement, obviously it is an amazing thing, freeing up the officer's hands and belt.

BB said on 4th April 2012
This is a bad idea it will cause problems

Anonymous said on 16th February 2012
I want it!!!! It is so cool!!!!!!!!!!

me said on 9th February 2012
How much will it cost????

The Invent said on 5th February 2012
I'm glad almost all of you like it... The good news is we plan to have them available for anyone some time this year... ;) a civilian version should not be more than 500$ without the phone...;) police version would be more for obvious reasons...

mavel isip said on 30th January 2012
How much it is? What are the benefits by sing armstar?

Anonymous said on 12th January 2012
Wow I never seen something so cool whoever made this u rock

akeil said on 31st December 2011
This is cool I wish I could have it

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