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Arcam Music Server

Posted on July 18, 2007 by , with 8893 views

Arcam Music Server

Arcam have addressed the needs of many music lovers to converge large music collections onto a single piece of equipment, saving vast amounts of space and creating a single reliable repository for all music.

Arcam's 400GB FMJ MS250 music server offers a massive amount of space, to eradicate the need for single CD's, and store every song you own in a single location. Not only does the server hold each song, it also has a built in CD player, to allow you to play the album currently being ripped. The enormous 400GB hard drive can store approximately 80,000 tunes effortlessly, equating to 4,800 compressed albums. A built in sound card ensures paramount sound as well as reliable music transfer.

The server is also equipped with an Ethernet port for Internet and PC connectivity, as well as a USB port for connecting external equipment such as MP3 players. The server does not come cheap, currently retailing at 3,000, and will most likely appeal exclusively to the most avid of music lovers.

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