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Digital Tyre Gauge Takes Readings Into A New Gear

Posted on August 7, 2007 by , with 8415 views

Digital Tyre Gauge Takes Readings Into A New Gear

Any careful car owner understands the importance of even the simplest of tasks, such as extracting regular tyre pressure readings. Tyre pressure not only ensures a better drive it also adds a level of safety which should always be kept in top gear. Mileage and fuel emissions will both be aided with the use of this new digital invention which at only 9.95 provides accurate pressure readings as well as a tyre tread depth gauge which alerts the user when a tire is worn and a replacement required.
For such a negligible price, this tool will ensure both your road use and safety whilst making an otherwise mundane task, a whole lot easier. It's time to burn some rubber; let's speed on to the specifications.

Practical and convenient
Fast readouts
Extend tyre life through precise inflation
2 in 1 Multifunction Digital Tyre Gauge with Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
High accuracy
Multi-unit display: PSI and BAR
Easy-to-read digital display
Auto off for energy saving
Compact, portable
Belt clip and key chain

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Submitted by Betty

Hold it on until the reading sitedeas. Mine takes about two or three seconds. Make sure it's square in the valve and that no air (at all) is leaking before you count.tbh, I wouldn't bother with mine if I could get my good old plunger-type thing on my motorbike valves

Submitted by Selim

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Submitted by Dottie

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