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Aeryon Scout The Flying Camera

Posted on April 22, 2008 by , with 12890 views

Aeryon Scout The Flying Camera

One of the latest inventions to be thought up comes courtesy of a prototype version of a flying camera from Aeryon Labs of Waterloo. The camera is constructed of four foam rings which are all interconnected and each 30cm in diameter. There exists a rotor inside which makes the Aeryon Scout, as they have chosen to name it. A camera is concealed in its underbelly, where the "quad-rotor" is controlled by a remote control which allows the Scout to navigate into difficult areas, perhaps enemy territory. It could also be used more leisurely to simply make taking photographs simpler, by reaching higher to capture a special view.

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What is the price and what technology used in it?

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Submitted by Anonymous

Great invention! Maybe they could use the concept to build new inventions like flying cars.

Submitted by Anonymous

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